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alat laboratorium, alat testing, alat lab hp 0813 875 87112, hp 0815 9935009, www.alatlabs.com, e-mail : karyamitrausaha@ yahoo.com
Alat Laboratorium, Alat Testing, Alat Lab HP 0813 875 87112, HP 0815 9935009, www.alatlabs.com, e-mail : karyamitrausaha@ yahoo.com
Alat Laboratorium, Alat Testing, Alat Lab HP 0813 875 87112, HP 0815 9935009, www.alatlabs.com, e-mail : karyamitrausaha@ yahoo.com
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Alat Laboratorium, Alat Testing, Alat Lab HP 0813 875 87112, HP 0815 9935009, www.alatlabs.com, e-mail : karyamitrausaha@ yahoo.com

Alat Laboratorium, HP 0813 875 87112, HP 0815 9935009, Alat Testing, Alat Lab, Alat Uji, Alat Test, Alat Laboratorium terlengkap, Alat Instrument..alat-alat laboratorium, peralatan laboratorium, daftar harga alat laboratorium lihat di www.alatlaboratoriums.com. .www.alatlaboratoriums.com, ... Supply of Scientific and Laboratory Equipment, Health environmental & Safety, Glassware, Plasticwares, Chemicals, Reagent, Filter paper as well as medical supplies. & it' s cumsumables is a growing bussines to us. We maintain stocks of fast moving products and spares. We provide maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment, Other our product : Spectrophotometer, UV-Vis, Balance Ohaus, My Weigh, Tanita , Weigh-Tronix, Jennings, Gram Precision, Vector US Balance, Scaleworks, Rite Weight, Escali, MSI, Ashiba, Toyo, Acculab, Salter, Rice Lake, CAS, DIGI, Mettler Toledo, On Balance, DIPSE, Pesola, Sartorius, DigiWeigh, A& D Weighing, Shinko, Detecto, Fast Weigh, Fuzion, Cardinal, Adam Equipment, Toledo, Tangent, Kern, Oven, BOD/ COD, PH meter, autoclave, Desicator, Sound Level meter, Personal noise dosimeter, High Volume Sampler, Digital Luxmeter, Air Sampling Pump, Labware, Waterbaths & Oilbaths, Flame Photometer, Microscope, Vacuum pump, Incubator , Destilator, Fumehood, Centrifuges, Turbidity. Etc Our products are list below; - General Equipments - Food & Agriculture - Material Search - Environments - Pharmaceutical - Medical Research - Biotechnology - Biochemical - Consumables - Education - Petroleum Activity Water ( aW Meter ) digital pocket/ portable, pH Meter Agarose Agriculture Research Product Air Sampling Pump Air Sampling, Aspirating Pump AP Air Test Kit; Carbon Monoxide, Combination Air Pollution, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfure Dioxide. Anaerobic Jar Acidity Meter Angle Meter Aquamaster ( Multi Parametric Probe ) Aspirator Analytical : Mill / Balance Aniline Point Tester Anemometer ; Wind Run Speed Meter Animal Research Product Array System Aspirating Pump Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ( AAS ) Atomic Force Microscope Autoclave / Sterilizer Autotitrator Analyzer ; Hydrocarbon, Natural Gas, Refinery Gas Analyzer Autosampler Automatic Water Sampler Automatic Water Level Recorder ( AWLR ) Amino Acids Analyzer ( AAA ) aW Meter ( Water Activity ) Balances ; Analytical, Electronic Precision, Triple Beam, Top Loading, Moisture, Portable, Industrial, Counting Scale, Medical, Mechanical Bath; Circulator, Flotation, Fluidised, Oil, Refrigerated, Sand, Shaking, Ultrasonic, Viscometry, Water, Immersion Cooler Beaker Glassware Beater Biochip Reader Biohazard Cabinet Biological Oxygen Demand ( BOD ) Meter Bioreactor Blender Laboratory Blot Washer Blotter Bomb Calorimeter Barometer-Thermometer- Hygrometer/ Barothermohygrometer Digital Binocular Loupe with LED Light Bottle Torque Meter Buffered Peptone Water Brix Meter Cabinet; Flammable, Acid, Biohazard, Cytotoxic, Laminair Flow, Lighting Concentrator & Centrifuge, Constant Temp. & Humid. Chamber CO2 Growth Chamber Culture Chamber Circulation Water Burner, Incinerator Burner, Boiler Burner, BathCage, Animal Carbon Analyzer Carbon Dioxide Incubator Cell ; Disruptor, Electrofusion, Electroporation, French Press, Harvester Chemical; Molecular Biology, Plant Research Chemical Oxygen Demand ( COD ) Chiller Chromatography ; Detector, Gel Permeation / Size Exclusion, Gas ( GC- MS ) Circulator Cleaning; Glassware, Ultrasonmic Coater Combination Synsthesis Concentrator ; Sample, Vacuum Cryoscopy for Milk Calorimeter Centrifuge; Micro Cathetometer Chlorine Residual Meter Chlorine ; Analyzer, pH test kit Chlorine Density Meter Universal Chlorine Analysis COD Meter Colony Counter Colorimeter Conductivity Meter Color in water Test Kit Controller Crosslinker Crusher Jaw Crude Fiber Digestion Apparatus Current Meter Crucible Platinum Carosel Porselaen Cloud and Pour Tester Carbon Residue Apparatus Cryogenmic Cultur Media Cuvette Cytogenic workstation & Imaging Software Cytokine Corrosion Monitor Cutting Mill Citrus Acidity Meter Drying Oven DAIKI SCIENCES Dew Chamber DAIKI SCIENCES Deioniser Digestion Distillation Disintegrator Tester Density; Bulk Analyzer, Balance, Gradient Column, Meter Density Portable; Oil/ Fuel Lubricants Deposition; Pulsed Laser, Thin film, Vapour Detector ; GPC, Radiation Dewar Storage Dielectric Analyzer Differential Scanning Calorimeter Digestion ; Kjeldahl, Microwave Dispenser Disposable Plasticware Dissolution Tester Dissolved Oxygen Meter( DO Meter ) Disstillation Apparatus DNA; FISH probe, Marker, Purification Kit Dry Block Heater Dry Cabinet Dryer; Fluidised Bed, Freeze, Hot Air Dissolution Media Preparator Dehumidifier Portable Dust Sampler Dust Collector Dispensing max Desicator Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker Electrochemicomp system Electrophoresis System Electro Concentrator Eyewash Station portable ; Combination Shower Echo Sounder Evaporator Rotary Eckman Dredge Sampler Extraction Heater E - Modulus Elastic Constant Electrochemical Impedance System Electrofusion Electrode Replacement Electroplating Electroporation Elemental Analyzer Elisa ; Reader, Washer Emisi Gas Analyzer Evaporator Pan Evaporator, rotary Extraction ; Microwafe, Soxlet Furnaces; Ashing, Muffle, Tube, Air Circulation, Chamber, Melting, High Temperature. Forced Convection Dry Oven Falling Number Tester Fat, Analyzer Fecal Coliform Broth Base Fermentor Fibre Digester FISH ( Fluorescene Insitu Hybidization ) Flocculator Flow, Granules Tester Fluidised ; Bath, Dryer Fluorescene Meter Freeze Dryer Freezer; Blood Plasma, Chest, Upright French Press Cell Disruptor Frequency Response Analyzer Friability Tester Friction Tester Fuel Density Meter Fume Hood ( Lemari Asam ) Fotometer Fluorecent Indicator Kit Flocculator / Jar Test Flock Tester Flue Gas Anayzer Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet Flash Point Tester Floor and Table Cutting Mill General Water Bath DAIKI SCIENCES Gas Chromatography ( GC ) Gas Detector tube Gradient Meter Gas; Analyzer, Leak Detection, Detector, Flowmeter, Generator, Sampler, Mixer Gemmy Refractometer/ Gemstone Tester Glassware Galssware Drying Rack Goggles Glossmeter Gas Monitors / Gas Detection Gas Meter- Wet Test Glove Box, Vacuum Grinding Mill Gas Oil Disstilation Unit Gravimeter G -Bend Karyotyping Gauge, Vacuum GC- MS ( TOL ) Gel. Documentation System Gel Permeation Chromatography ( GPC ) Gelatin Timer Generator ; Formaldehyde, Gas Glow Discharge Spectrometer Gluten Index Tester GMO Kit Goniometer Grain Testing Equipment Granule Tester Grinder Hybridization Incubator Hybridization Oven Handheld Particle Counter High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography ( HPAE ) Hardness Tester Tablet Harvester, Cell Hazen Scale Head Space Anayzer Heating Mantle ; Multi/ Single Heating ; Block, Mantle, Plate, Tape Heating; Table., Unit Histology Product High Precision Temperature Monitoring Hydrometer Hydrocarbon detection Hygrograph Hygrothermometer Humidity Thermo Meter Humidifier Hamoginizer ; Fluidised, Mechanical, Ultrasonic Hook Gauge Still Well Hot Bead Sterilizer Hot Plate Stirrer CORNING, CIMAREC, ECHOTHERM, FAVORIT, HEIDOLPH, THERMOLYNE, SCHOTT, etc Humidity; Chamber, Meter Hybridization ; Incubator, System for FISH Hydrogen Analyser Hydrogen Sulphide Analyzer Hydrolysis Unit ICP - MS ( TOF ) Image Analyzer Imaging System Immersion, Cooler Impedance Analyzer Impulse Excitation Incinerator, Incinerator Laboratorium www.incinerator.co.id Incubator; BOD, CO2, Egg, Hybridzation, Shaking, Low Temp. BOD Incubator Ion Selective ; Electrode, Meter, Photometer Indentation Tester Ion Meter Ion Analyzer Illuminator Ion Chromatography ( IC ) Jack Laboratory Jar Test Karl Fisher Titrator Kymograph Karyotyper Kjeldhal Apparatus ( Digestion & Disstilation ) Laminair Flow Cabinet Light Box Luminescene Analyzer Ligh Scattering Instruments Liquid Handling Lamp Viewing Latex Mechanical Latex Hydrometer Laboratory Mill Laser Particle Counter Lab. Plate Mill Leak Test Apparatus Loupe with Fluorescent Ring Lamp Magnetic ; Stirrer, Strirrer Hotplate, Stirrer Mantle Mantle Material Testing Machine Media; Culture, Dispenser, Sterilizer, Preparation Medical Simulator Meltiing Point Apparatus Mercury Analyzer Metallographic analyzer Meteorogical Instrument Microcentrifuge Microelectroplating Micropipette Microscope System ; Atomic Force, Confocal, Karyotyping, Near field scanning, Raman Imaging Microplate; Reader, Washer Microwave ; Ashing System, Digestion System, Extraction System, Furnace, Oven, Solid & Moisture Analyzer Milk Testing Equipment Mill Mixer Model Molecular Weight Detector Moistures : Balance/ Analyzer Mycotoxin Tester Manometer Water Melting Point Apparatus Microscope Mercury Analyzer Microtome Mini Tube Gel Unit Mini Submarine Gel Unit Microwave Leak Detector Mini Transfer Misscellaneous Instrument Nephelometer Neutron Detector NIR ( Near Infra Red ) Instrument Nitrogen Analyzer Nitrogen Liquid Storage Orbital Shaker DAIKI SCIENCES Oil Bath Oil Content Analyzer Opacity Meter Osmometer Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter Oxidative Stability Index Oxygen Analyzer Oven; Grafity Convection, Forced Air, Vacuum Overhead Stirrer ORP Monitor / Controller Oil Color Comparator Outfit Microscope; Shop, Measuring, Binocular, Stereo Milk Coagulations Meter Osmometer Ozone ; Analyzer, System, Generators Plant Growth Chamber Plant Drying Oven Puris-Economic RO Water Purification System Puris-Economic UP Water Purification System Puris-Economic RO/ UP Water Purification System Puris-Essential Ultrapure Water Purification system Puris-Essentiaal Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System Pocket Microscope with Light Parallel Synthesis Particle Size Analyzer Particle Counter Particulate Sampler Pathogen Detection Paper Filter Permeability Tester Petri Dish Turntable Penetrometer Petroleum Comparator Petroleum Point Tester Petroleum Disstilation Unit PCR Machine pH Meter Phase Separator Filter Pharmaceutical Testing Equipment Photometer Photo Cold Light Technology Photo Counter Photo Documentation Piezometer Pipette Controller Pipettor Pipette Stand Plant Cell; Chemical, Instrument, Media Plant Growth Chamber Plasticware Plankton Nett Polarimeter Polarographics Analyzer Polisher Potentiostat Galvanostat Pore Size Analyzer Porcelain Ware Protein Analyzer Portable Survey Meter Pulsed Laser Deposition Pulverizer Psycometer Pump; Centrifugal, Diaphragm, Gear, Multichannel, Perisaltic, Rotary, Vacuum, Pycnometer Roller Culture & Incubator Rain Gauge / Alat pengukur Curah Hujan OBS Rain Gauge Penakar Hujan Radiation Detector Raman Imaging Microscope System Reader ; Biochip, Microplate Real Time PCR Refrigerator ; Blood Bank, Cryogenic, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Rapid Dryer Reaction ; Flask, Vessel Reflectometer Refractometer; Detector, Sugar Roller Raymond Mill Resistivity Monitor / Controller Refrigerated Bath with Magnetic Stirrer Refrigerant Leak Detector Reverse Osmosis System Rheometer Rice Testing Equipment Roller, Mixer Rotary Evaporator Stirring Hotplate Shaking Incubator Stirring Water Bath Shaking Water Bath ( orbital Type ) Shaking Water Bath ( Reciprocating Type ) Shaker & Incubator Saccharimeter Salt in Crude Analyzer Salinity Meter Sample Concentrator Sampler; Air, Gas, m Isokinetic, Particle, Source Sampler, Divider, Splitter Sand Bath Scale Weighing Serial Hotplate Shaking Bath Shaker Sieve Sieve Shaker Simulator Size Exclusion Chromatography ( SEC ) Soxhlet Extractor Soxtherm Specific Gravity Meter Spectra Karyotyping ( SKY ) Spectrometer; Arc Spark, Colour, Fluorescene, Glow Discharge, Raman, UV/ Visible Spin Coater Stack Gas Analysis System Steriliser; Flame, Glass Bead, Hot Air, Media, Microwave, Steam Sterilising Tray Stirrer Stomacher Super Critical Fluid Extraction Surface Analyzer Surface Area Analyzer Surface Tension Meter Synthesizers ; Microwave Sagging / Levelling Tester Salinity Refractometer Surface Salinity Meter Salt Meter Salt in Crude Analyzer Sampling Water Shakling Water Bath Soil Test Kit Soil Tester Solarimeter Sound Level Meter Spectrophotometer Silica Test Kit Strength Tester Tensile Sulfate Test Kit Spectroscope Support Test Tube / Pipette Stainless Steel Ware Slide Drying Secchi Disk Scriber; Surveyor-Architecture Scrubber / Turbosog Seawater, Specific Gravimeter Surber Frame Sugar Meter Storm Drain Monitoring Kit Smartline High Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HLPC ) Salmonella Shigela Agar Selenite Cystine Broth Staphylococcus Selective Agar Sunshine Recorder Tropical Thermo Block Two Door CLean Bench Table Top Clean Bench Twin-Room Incubator Tachometer Thermometer Thermal ; Analyzer, Conductivity System, Cycler, Diffusivity Thermalmechanical Analyzer ( TMA ) Thermogravimetry Analyzer ( TGA ) Thermoregulator Tube Furnace Thermometer Calibration System Thermo electric Bending Beam Rheometer Tensiometer Temperature & Humidity Chamber Thermohygrometer InfraRed Thermohygrometer / Thermohygrograph TDS Meter ( Total Dissolved Solid ) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Trace Analyzer Trace Metal Digestion System Turbidity Meter Portable Titration Tambour Tuning Fork Tubes Top Mixer Test Tube Rack Tablet Disintegration Tester Tablet Friabilator Tablet Hardness Tester Tablet Test System Tap Density Tester ( USP ) U.V Sterilizer Ultrasonic; Cleaner, Disitegrator, Processor Ultraviolet; Lamp, Light Box, Spectrophotometer, Table, Viewing Cabinet Ultraviolet Absorbing Eye Wear Urine Refractometer Vacuum Dry Oven Vibration Incubator Vanilla Moisture Analyzer Vacuum; Concentrator, Furnace, Oven, Pump, Controller Vapour Deposition Viscometer Volumeter Vortex Mixer Water Analysis ; pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Turbidity Meter ( Single / Multiparameter ) Water Quality Checker Weather Station Wet / Dry Thermometer Wax Dispensing Water level Class A pan Water Automatic Sampler Washer; Glassware, Microplate, Ultrasonic Water; Bath, Deinoiser, Purification, Still, Test Kit, Vapour Tester Weighing Scale HP 0813 875 87112, HP 0815 9935009, BRANDS : AND scales ADAM ADWA INSTRUMENTS AFFINITY BIOREAGENTS AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES ALEXIS ALCOA ALL AMERICAN ( WISCONSIN ) ADAM AMARELL ANTER ANTON PAAR ANALYTIC JENA APEX APOGEE INSTRUMENTS APPLIED PRECISION APPLIED SPECTRAL IMAGING ( ASI ) APPLIGENE ARIZONA ARUN ASTELL AURORA INSTRUMENT ATAGO AZ INTRUMENTS BACHARACH INSTRUMENTS BARLOWORLD SCIENTIFIC BELLINGHAM & STANLEY BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES BIO 101 BIO-RAD BIO CHROM BIOTOOLS BROOKHAVEN BROOKFIELD BRABENDER BTX BUCHI BUCK SCIENTIFIC CASELLA CASTLE INSTRUMENT CARTON CHINA-LAB COLE PARMER COSMOS CORNING CARBOLITE CBS CEM CERTEK CHRIST CHEMETRICS CLAIND DAIK I SCIENCES DAIHAN LABTECH DAIHAN SCIENTIFIC DENVER INSTRUMENTS DEMETRA ( TAKEMURA ) DELMHORST DIONEX DIGITRON DUCHEFA DUPOND QUALICON DECAGON DELTATRAK DELONGHI DRAIGER DURAN DURHAM GEO DYNISCO EBRO ELCOMETER EUT ECH ESCO E- MERCK ECOTECH ECHOTHERM EIJKELKAMP ELECTROCHEM ELEMENTAR ELECTROLAB-INDIA EY ELA EXTECH EPPENDORF EUTECH FLAMINGO FLUKA FLUKE FUNKE GARBER GAST- USA GASTEC GARMIN GPS GBC GELMAN SCIENES GERHARDT GE INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES GONOTEC GRIDOSONIC G-WON HANSON -USA HACH HALDENWANGER HAMILTON HF SCIENTIFIC HUBER HAMO HETTICH HEIDOLPH HIRAYAMA HISAMATSU HISPANLAB ( PRONADISA ) HORIBA HUBER HUNTERLAB IKA IMR INDSCI INOTECH INTERSCIENCE ISCO ISTEK IWAK I PYREX JASCO JEN OPTICKS J.W. LEMMENS JENCO JENCONS JENWAY JEOL JULABO JUSTRITE JT BAKER KANE-MAY KAIYUAN KARTELL KEM KERN KIMA KETT KIRSCH KITAGAWA KITTIWAKE KOCOUR KUBOTA KNA UER KOEHLER KRUESS OPTIC LAMOTTE LABCAIRE LABENTECH LABINCO LABOMED INC LABTECH LABWARE LECO LINSEI S LOVIBO ND ( TINTOMETER ) LUTRON LTE MACHEREY NAGEL MARINE BIOTECHS MARTIN CHRIST MATRIX MAGELLAN GPS METROHM MEIJITECHNO MEMMERT MICROFLUIDCS MILLIPORE MISONIX MUNKTELL M-O- T MTOPS MY RON NABER THERM NA NO NICS NBS ( NEW BRUNSWICK SCIENTIFIC ) NEDERMAN NESLAB NEWTECH NITON NOVEX NOVASINA NOVOCONTROL NUAIRE OLYMPUS OM NION ( OSI ) OHAUS OPTIMA ORBECCO ORION OTT PASCO PALCP PALL PBI DANSENSOR PERCIVAL PERTEN PERKIN ELMER PETERSIME PHARMATEST PHOTON TECHNOLOGY ( PTI ) PHILIP HARRIS PLASLAB POLYSCIENES PRECISA PRECISION INSTRUMENTS PROFUGE PRONADISA PROPETTE PRIORCLAVE PROTIMETER PVD OBIOGENE QU ALICON QUANTACHHROME QUANTOM RADWAG RADIOMETER RAME  HART RENISHAW REOLOGICA RETSCH REOMETRIC RION RIKEN KEIKI RIEDEL DE HAEN ROTRONIC SATO SCHOTT SEEDBURO SHIMADZU SIMON KELLER SIBATA SIGMA ALDRICH SKC SLOPE INDICATOR SLM  AMINCO SMARTLINE SOLARTRON SOCOREX SOTAX SPECTRONIC STATEBOURNE STAPLEX STOV AL STRATAGENE SRS SCIENTIFIC SWOFFER SYMPATEC TAKEMURA ( DEMETRA ) TECHNE TECN IPLAST THERMOLYNE THERMO SPECTRONIC THIES TESTO TFA TKA TOA TODAY' S TINTOMETER ( LOVIBOND ) TSI INSTRUMENTS UVITEX VACUUBRAND VAISALA VICAM VISCOTEK VYSIS VWR VARIAN WAGTEC H WAKO WIGGEN HAUSER WILKS WILDCO WPALTD WTW WTBINDER YOKOGAWA YASUDA SEIKI YSI ZETEX. AJ COPE - Scientific Equipment ALCOHOL COUNTERMEASURE SYSTEMS - Alcohol Breath Testers ALFA MIRAGE - Densimeter ALL AMERICAN - Autoclave ALP - Autoclaves ALVAREZ-REDONDO - Centrifuge ANALIS - Petroleum Testing Equipment AQUA-BOY - Moisture Meter AQUALYTIC - Water Analysis Testing Equipment AQUAMATIC - Water Quality Measurement Systems ASCOTT - Salt Spray Humidity Cabinet ATAGO - Refractometers ATLAS - Polymer Evaluation Products BACHARACH - IAQ Analyzer, Combustion Analyzer, Leak Detection BIOSCIENCE - COD Test Kits, BOD Test Kits, Electrolytic Analyzer BIOTRON - Fermenter BOECKEL - Laboratory Equipment BRANSON - Ultrasonic Cleaners BRINKMANN - Centrifuge, Dispensers BROWNALL - Laboratory Water Fittings, Laboratory Gas Fittings, Laboratory Water Pipes, Laboratory Gas Pipes BROWNELL - Dewpoint Indicators & Meters BUCK SCIENTIFIC - Analytical Instrument BW - Gas Detectors CANNON -Stormer Kerbs Viscometers CAROLINA - Biological Instrument & Equipment, Science & Math Catalog C-CELL - Imaging System For Bread CECIL - Spectrophotometers CENTURION - Centrifuge CHARLES AUSTEN - Vacuum Pressure Pump CID - Leaf Area Meter CLIFTON - Heating Equipment COLE PARMER - Scientific Equipment, Laboratory Equipment COMARK - High Accuracy Thermometer CONSORT - pH Meter Instruments, pH Measuring Instruments CREST - Ultrasonic Bench Top Cleaners CRUMA - Fume Cupboard, Laminar Flow Cabinet CRUMAIR - Fume Hood & Laminal Flow D G COLOUR - Munsell Standards DAIKI - Scientific Instruments DECAGON - Water Activity Meter DEFELSKO - Positector, Thickness Gauge DENVER - Electronic Analytical Balances, Top Pan Balances EDAMIX -Fume Cupboard, Laboratory Furniture ELCOLD - Laboratory Freezer ELECTRO PHYSIK - Surface Testing Instrument ELITE - Furnaces ERMA - Spectrophotometer ESD - Digital pH Meters, Turbidity Meters, Conductivity TDS Meters, Oxygen Meters EUROMEX - Microscopes EXCALIBUR - Dehydrator EXOTEK - Moisture Meter FISHER INSTRUMENTS - Measure Coating Thickness FISHER SCIENTIFIC - Instruments FUNGILAB -Digital Viscometer GARDNER - Testing Instruments GBX - Water Activity Meter, Contact Angle Meter, Tensiometer GERBER INSTRUMENTS - Milk Testing Equipment, Centrifuges, Butyrometers, Etc GFL - Shaker, Water Bath GOTECH - Textile Testing Machine, Paint Testing Machine, Paper Testing Machine GR SCIENTIFIC - Coulometric Karl Fisher GRASBY - Stack Samplers, Spectrophotometers G-WON - Food Moisture Meter HAMILTON - Water Still HETTICH - Centrifuges HOTPACK - Glassware Washer IKA -Stirrer, Homogeniser ILSHIN - Freezer Dryer, Homogenizer, Fermenter INDEX INSTRUMENTS - Automatic Refractometers INSITE IG - Wastewater Instrumentation INSITU - Water Quality Monitoring INSTANTEL - Vibration Monitors INTERSCIENCE - Bag System IONSPEC -Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer ISTEK - Digital pH, Ion meter JENCO - Digital pH, Ion Meter JENOPTIK - Colorimeter KANE INT - CO Meter Combustion Analyzers , CO2 Meter Combustion Analyzers KANE MAY - Non-Contact Infrared, Digital Thermometer, Pressure Meter KETT - Moisture Meter, Balance KOGEL - Material Testing Equipment , Thickness Testing Equipment KRUSS - Tensiometer LABNET - Life Science Equipment LAR - COD Online Analyzer, BOC Online Analyzer, TOC Online Analyzer LENETA - Test Card LENTON - Furnaces LITTLE JOE - Color Proofing Press LONGER PRECISION - Syringe Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps LONGWIN - Wind Tunnel MASTAP - Laboratory Water & Gas Fittings MECAPLEX -Glove Box METKON - Polishers, Grinders, Cutters MICRO -MEDICAL - Smoke Analyzer MIDAC - Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer MSC - Moisture System MST - Breathing Air Purification System MUNSELL - Colour Cards NABERTHERM - Furnace NARDA - Safety Test Solution NIKKISO - Syringe Pumps, Infusion Pumps NORELL - NMR Precision Sample Tubes OMEGA - Filter Cassettes & Membrane Filters OPTICAL ACTIVITY - Automatic Polarimeter ORBECO-HELLIGE - Water Testing Equipment, Waste Water Testing Equipment PALINTEST - Photometer PASCALL - Ball Mills, Grinders, Mixers, Triple Roll Mills & Crushers PAUL & GARDNER - Paint Testing Equipment PHOTOVAC - VOC Detector PPM - Indoor Air Quality Monitors PRESENS - Micro Oxygen Sensor QUEST - Sound Level Meters, Heat Stress, Indoor Air Quality, Vibration Meters RAL - Colour Cards RAY-RAN - Plastic Testing Equipment RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS - ICI Cone & Plate Viscometer RION - Viscotesters RITTER - Wet Gas Meter ROCTEST - Geotecnical Product SANKO - Pin Hole Detector, Holiday Detector SCILAB - Shaker, Circulator Bath SEBA - Hydrological Equipment SEEDCOUNT - Seedcount SELECTA -Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Equipment SENTEX - Portable Gas Chamber SEWERIN - Water Leak Detection Instrument SHAW - Moisture Meters SHEEN - Paint & Coating Equipment SHELLAB - Oven, Humidity Chamber, Incubator SILVERSON - Mixers SINGLETON - Cyclic Corrosion Textile SONICS - Ultrasonic Liquid Processors SPECTRUM - Soil Compaction Meter STABLE MICRO SYSTEMS - Texture Analysers SUMO-KANZO - Portable Dehumidifier SUNTEX - Conductivity Meter SUTHERLAND - Ink Rub Tester TA - Air Sampler TABER INDUSTRIES - Abrasion Testers TAYLOR HOBSON - Surface Meter TECHNIGRAF - UV Curing TELSTAR - Biological Safety Cabinet TIF - Gas Leak Detector TMI - Testing Equipments For Pulp, Paper, Plastic, Rubber & Printing TOKIMEC - Viscometers TSI - Air Velocity Meters, Anemometers, Indoor Air Quality, Dust Monitors, Respirator Fit Testing Instruments UNISENSE - Microsensors VELP - Cod Analyser, Bod Analyser VWR SCIENTIFIC -Instruments W.S. TYLER - Sieve Shaker WELLER PATENT - Hand Proofer, Hoover Muller WHITE SEIS -Vibration Monitor WILKENS-ANDERSON - Food Testing Equipment X-RITE - Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers YOUNG - Wind Monitor YSI - Conductivity Meter, Oxygen Meter, Conductivity Measuring Instruments, Oxygen Measuring Instruments ZEHNTER - Surface Testing Equipment, Adhesive Testing Equipment ZEMATRA - Oil & Water Petroleum Test Kit ADVANTEC - Industrial & Analytical Filter Papers, Syringe Filters, Membrane Filters, Thimble Filters, Etc ADVANTEC TOYO - Industrial Filter Papers, Analytical Filter Papers, Syringe Filters, Membrane Filters, Thimble Filters ALLA FRANCE - Alcoholmeter, ASTM Hydrometer, ASTM Thermometer ASSISTENT - Laboratory Glasswares BOPP - Industrial Filter Mesh HISAMATSU - Meteorological Instruments, Thermo-Hygrograph, Thermometers JOHNSON FILTERS -Filter Cloth KITAGAWA - Gas Detectors & Detector Tubes KOMYO KITAGAWA - Gas Detectors, Gas Sampling Pumps, Detector Tubes KOTTERMAN - Laboratory Furniture MFS - Capsule Filters, Membrane Filters, Pressure Filtration, SANKO - Precision Measuring Instruments SCHUETT - Automated Colony Counters, Anaerobic Jars & Life Science Instrument SEMMCO - Escape Breathing Apparatus, Inspector Breathing Apparatus TFA - Barometers, Thermometers, Hydrometers, Weather Measuring Instruments TRANS INSTRUMENTS - PH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Refractometer ACS - Alcohol Breath Testers BEL-ART - Plasticware Products CONSOLIDATED - Water Stills & Sterilizers COPE SCIENTIFIC - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments EIJKEIKAMP - Soil Measuring Instruments , Agricultural Measuring Instruments EPPENDORF - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments EUROMEX MICROSCOPES - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments GOTTFERT - Testing Equipment HELLIGE Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments KOTTERMAN - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments MLW -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments SARGENT WEICH - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments SEQUOIA TURNER - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments THERMOLYNE - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments UTECH - Scientific Equipment, Medical Equipment YSI METERS - Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments ANRITSU ( ANRITSU METER) - Temperature Measurement Instruments & Probes DIA-NIELSEN -Recording Charts & Marking Systems HOTWATT - Industrial Electric Heaters ( Air Process Heater, Band Heater, Cartridge Heater, Drum Heater) , Etc KOBAYASHI -Recording Charts & Marking Systems OMEGA - Temperature, Flow, Level, Pressure, Force, pH, Conductivity, Test, Measurement, Etc SIGMA - Temperature Controllers, Process Controllers AB -Pressure Gauges ACEZ - RTDS Sensors, Thermocouple Sensors ACEZ SENSING -RTDs & Thermocouple Sensors AI -Measuring Instruments AOIP - Temperature Testers & Calibrators AZ - Measuring Instruments BG - IR Thermometers & Measuring Instruments BLUE GIZMO IR Thermometers & Measuring Instruments BW -Gas Detectors CAL CONTROLS - Temperature Controllers CENTER - Test & Measuring Instruments CHAUVIN ARNOUX - Measuring Instruments COMARK - Measuring Instruments CONSENS - Temperature & Humidity Transmitters DAVIS INOTEK - Test & Measuring Instrument DAVIS INSTRUMENTS - Weather Stations DICKSON -Dataloggers & Recorders DRUCK - Pressure Calibrators, Sensors DYNASONICS - Flowmeters E + E - Humidity, Air Velocity Transmitters E + H - Dataloggers & Recorders ECOM - Ex-Proof & Intrinsically-Safe Products FLUKE - Field Service Technician, Multimeter FOX - Temperature Controller FOXFA - Temperature Controllers GE DRUCK - Pressure Calibrators, Pressure Transmitters HUBA CONTROL - Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Switches IRISS - Thermal Windows IRISYS - Thermal Imager ISOTECH - Temperature Calibrators ISUZU - Environmental Chamber, Oven ISUZU - Thermo-Hygrograph KESTREL - Air Velocity Meters KIMO - Measuring & Control Instruments LABFACILITY - Thermocouples, Thermocouples Accessories LEICA - Distance Meter PMC - Thermocouples Wires, Thermocouples Cables PRECASTER -Distance Meter REOTEMP - Temperature Gauges SENTRY - Infrared Thermometer SENTRY - Measuring Instruments SI - Hand Pump Calibrators, Pressure Calibrators SIKA - Temperature Gauges STATUS INSTRUMENTS - Temperature Transmitters STIKO - Deadweight Tester, High Pressure & Temperature Recorders SUPCO - Recorders, Loggers TAISHIO - Controllers, Recorders TES - Test Instruments, Measuring Instruments COMARK Thermohygrometer SAFETY SHOES, SAFETY JOGGER, SEPATU INDONESIA raman spectrophotometer Lemari Laboratorium, . 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