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WE SELL FOLLOWING PRODUCT : ANEMOMETER, HOT WIRE ANEMOMETER, ANEMOMETER + HUMIDITY METER, MINI ACA CURRENT ADAPTER, DCA/ ACA CURRENT ADAPTER, CABLE TESTER / CABLE IDENTIFIER, VOLTAGE / CURRENT CALIBRATOR, 4 - 20 mA SIMULATOR, TYPE K TEMP. CALIBRATION CHECKER, CURRENT CALIBRATOR, CONDUCTIVITY STANDART SOLUTION, CONDUCTIVITY METER, POCKET CONDUCTIVITY METER, CONDUCTIVITY METER, 2000 A DCA/ ACA CLAMP METER + DMM, True rms, MINI DCA / ACA CLAMP METER, DIGITAL CALIPER, TEMPERATURE ADAPTER, INSULATION TESTER, ACA LEAKAGE TESTER, DATA LOGGER ( paperless recorder ) , MINI 1000A DC/ AC, CLAMP METER, ACA CLAMP METER, MINI DCA / ACA CLAMP METER, MINI ACA CLAMP METER, DCA/ ACA CLAMP METER, Temperature, DCA / ACA CLAMP METER, Avarage AC / DC converter, DCA/ ACA CLAMP METER, POCKET DMM, CAPACITANCE METER, 4 1/ 2 digits DMM, True rms, AUTOMOTIVE TESTER, SOFTWARE for DM - 9680 / DM -9093, POCKET CAPACITANCE METER, DCA, ACV, DCA, ACA, ohms, hFE, Diode only, 3 1/ 2 digits DMM, Multi functions, AUTO RANGE DMM, LCR + DMM, Intelligent function, MULTIMETER with RS-232 INTERFACE, DISSOLVED OXYGEN METER, OXYGEN METER, VOLT METER MODULE, PANEL METER ( 4 - 20 mA ) , 3 1/ 2 digits, PANEL METER ( ACA ) , 3 1/ 2 digits, PANEL METER ( ACV ) , 3 1/ 2 digits, PANEL METER ( DCA ) , 3 1/ 2 digits, PANEL METER ( DCV ) , 3 1/ 2 digits, PANEL METER ( TEMPERATURE ) , LASER PHOTO/ CONTACT TACHOMETER, PHOTO TACHOMETER, CONTACT TACHOMETER, CONTACT TACHOMETER, PHOTO / CONTACT TACHOMETER, GASOLINE TACHOMETER - Model : DT - 2237, DIGITAL STROBOSCOPE, rotary knob adj, PANEL TACHOMETER, CONTACT TACHOMETER, DIGITAL STROBOSCOPE, TACHOMETER / STROBOSCOPE, TACH/ MULTIMETER, hobby airplane, LASER PHOTO TACHOMETER, WATT METER, DIGITAL WATT METER, WATER METER, FLOW METER POWER ANALYZER, bench type, POWER ANALYZER, EMF Electromagnetic Field Radiation TESTER, EMF TESTER, EMF Electromagnetic Field Radiation ADAPTER, EMF TESTER, separate probe, GAUSS METER, TESLA METER, 2.5 GHz FREQUENCY COUNTER, 2.7 GHz FREQUENCY COUNTER, Bench Type, PANEL METER ( Hz ) , FORCE GAUGE, 100 kg, FUNCTION GENERATOR, FORCE GAUGE, 20 kg, FORCE GAUGE, 5000 g, TEST STAND for FORCE GAUGE, 100 kg BENCH SCALE, heavy duty, 150 kg BENCH SCALE, heavy duty, PARCEL SCALE, 50 Kg, DIGITAL SCALE, mini type, DIGITAL PRECISION SCALE, mini type, DIGITAL BALANCE, 0.01 g. resolution, DIGITAL SCALE, with RS232, DIGITAL SCALE, DIGITAL SCALE, 0.1 g resolution, ULTRASONIC TRANSMITTER, ULTRASONIC LEAKAGE DETECTOR, HUMIDITY ADAPTER, HUMIDITY TRANSMITTER, HUMIDITY & DEW POINT METER + type K, HOLSTER HUMIDITY TEMP. METER, HUMIDITY METER, RS - 232, HUMIDITY METER, HUMIDITY METER + type K, HUMIDITY METER + type K THERMOMETER, HIGH VOLTAGE PROBE, INDUCTIVE PICK UP SENSOR, INFRARED PROBE, LAN CABLE TESTER, POCKET LCR METER, LCR METER, professional, LINE FREQUENCY MONITOR, LASER TARGET, 200 AMP CIRCUIT SHUNT, LIGHT ADAPTER, LIGHT METER, LUX METER, LIGHT METER, RS- 232, LIGHT METER, LUX METER, MILLIOHM METER, MOISTURE METER, NN - 23 Direct probe with double N coaxial connector, ORP ELECTRODE, ORP METER, ORP ELECTRODE, SPARE DIAPHRAGMS for OXYGEN PROBE, PROBE - FILLING ELECTROLYTE, PB - 21 Cable w / BNC connector & alligators, POWER CLAMP METER, low power, POWER CLAMP METER, high power, PH ELECTRODE, SPEAR TIP PH ELECTRODE, PH 7 BUFFER SOLUTION, MINI PH METER, PH METER, PH - mV - TEMP METER, PH METER, MINI PH METER, hFE PLUG, MANOMETER, 2000 mbar, differential input, MANOMETER, 7000 mbar, differential input, PRESSURE/ VACUUM ADAPTER, PRESSURE METER, full line, PRESSURE SENSOR, PRESSURE TRANSDUCER, 0 to DC 100 mV, PRESSURE TRANSDUCER, 4 to 20 mA, PROXIMITY SENSOR, PROXIMITY SENSOR for DT - 2240D, PHOTO SENSOR, RCCB CHECKER, 33% RH HUMIDITY CALIBRATOR, 75% RH HUMIDITY CALIBRATOR, 3 PHASE ROTATION TESTER, 3 PHASE & MOTOR ROTATION TESTER, WIND SHIELD BALL, SOUND CALIBRATOR, 94 dB, SOUND CALIBRATOR, SOUND LEVEL METER, SOUND LEVEL METER, economical type, SOUND LEVEL METER, Auto range & RS - 232, SOUND LEVEL METER, type 1, 50A/ 50mV SHUNT, SOFTWARE for ยต - P INSTRUMENTS, POWER ANALYZER, Model : SW - U801 - WIN, TACHOMETER ADAPTER, THERMOMETER CALIBRATOR, ALLIGATOR TEST LEAD, THERMOMETER, 3 in 1, DUAL THERMOMETER, RS - 232, PRECISION 0. 01 degree THERMOMETER, PRECISION 0.01 degree, THERMOMETER, INFRARED THERMOMETER, INFRARED THERMOMETER ( non - contact ) , LASER INFRARED THERMOMETER, NARROW SPOT IR THERMOMETER, DUAL CHANNEL THERMOMETER, DUAL THERMOMETER, PRECISION 0. 01 degree THERMOMETER, LASER INFRARED THERMOMETER, TYPE THERMOMETER, INFRARED THERMOMETER + type K/ J/ R/ E/ T, High Temp. IR THERMOMETER + Type K/ J/ R/ E/ T, High Temp. IR THERMOMETER, wide range, Type K TEMPERATURE PROBE, OPTIONAL TEMP. PROBE for PH METER, PT 100 ohm TEMP. PROBE, PT 100 ohm TEMPERATURE PROBE, TORQUE METER, 15 Kg - cm, TYPE K TEMPERATURE PROBE, UV LIGHT METER, UVA LIGHT METER Model : UVA - 365, UV LIGHT METER., RS - 232, UVA LIGHT METER, UVC LIGHT METER Model : UVC - 254, VIBRATION METER, VACUUM METER, PURE WATER TESTER, WEDGE GRIP, THERMOMETER, Type K, J, R, E, T + PT 100 ohm, THERMOMETER, 2 in 1, MINI VANE ANEMOMETER + type K, J THERMOMETER, LIGHT METER + type K, J THERMOMETER, ANEMOMETER + Type K, J THERMOMETER, CONDUCTIVITY / TDS + PH METER, DISSOLVED OXIGEN METER + PH METER, INTELLIGENT PH METER, HUMIDITY METER + type K, J THERMOMETER, INTELLIGENT THERMOMETER, ANEMOMETER PROBE, MINI VANE ANEMOMETER PROBE, ATC PROBE, CONDUCTIVITY PROBE, CONDUCTIVITY / TDS PROBE, DISSOLVED OXYGEN PROBE, INFRARED TEMPERATURE PROBE, LIGHT PROBE, HUMIDITY PROBE, FREQUENCY COUNTER OPTIONAL ACC, 4- 20 mA CURRENT CALIBRATOR, PH ELECTRODE, OXYGEN METER, SOUND LEVEL METER, AUGER, COMPASS, GPS, METAL DETECTOR, GAS DETECTOR, METAL DETECTOR WALK THROUGH, SOIL TESTER, WATER TEST, MINERAL TESTER, SAFETY AND SECURITY EQUIPMENT TOOLS AND APPARATUS. Acoustic Emission Equipments Physical Acoustic Corporation - USA AE Field Testing Technology Physical Acoustic Corporation - USA Alloy Analyzer Niton - USA B-Scan Panametrics - USA Chemical Composition Analyzer ( Mining) Niton - USA Coating Thickness Measurement DeFelsko - USA Corrosion Mapping RD Tech - Canada C-Scan RD Tech - Canada Dangerous Material Analyzer ( Health / Safety) Niton - USA Dew Point Meter DeFelsko - USA Dye Penetrant Chemicals Magnaflux - USA Dye Penetrant System Magnaflux - USA Eddy Current Array RD Tech - Canada Eddy Current ( Conventional) RD Tech - Canada Eddy Current Probes & Cal Block NDT Engineering - USA Eddy Current System ( Component Testing) USON - USA Fiberscope EFER - French Infrared Camera Infrared Solutions Termography Infrared Solutions Gauging Sources ANSTO - Australia Hardness Tester Time - China Helium Leak Detector Varian Vacuum Technology - USA Holiday Detector PCWI - Australia IRIS RD Tech - Canada Long Range Ultrasonics ( LRUT) GUL - UK Magnetic Flux Leakage RD Tech - Canada Magnetic Particle Chemicals Magnaflux - USA Magnetic Particle Equipments Magnaflux - USA Magnetic Particle Systems Magnaflux - USA Phased Array RD Tech - Canada Pinhole Detector PCWI - Australia Positive Material Identification Niton - USA Precious Metal Analyzer Niton - USA, Radiographic Crawler Almax - Malaysia, Radiographic Gamma Ray ANSTO - Australia, Radioisotopes ANSTO - Australia, Radiation Surveymeter, NDS Products - USA, Time of Flight Diffraction ( TOFD) RD Tech - Canada, Ultrasonics Corrosion Gage Panametrics, USA, Ultrasonics Flaw Detector Panametrics - USA, Ultrasonics Instruments Panametrics - USA, Ultrasonics Precision Gage Panametrics - USA, Ultrasonics Thickness Gage Panametrics - USA, Ultrasonics Systems, Vacuum Pump & Controller Varian Vacuum Technology - USA, Valve Leak Detection Physical Acoustic Corporation - USA, Videoscope EFER - French Wire Rope Test Zawada - Poland X-Ray Automatic Processor Kodak Industrex - USA X-Ray Equipment & System Balteau NDT X-Ray Film and Processing Chemicals Kodak Industrex - USA Industrial X-Ray Film, equipment and accessories such as DPT, MPI, X- and Gamma Ray, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Viewers, Chemicals, Radioactives: Cobalt-60, Irridium-192, Cs-137 and Se-75 sources. A-1 Bit & Tool Company Casing Cutters; Big Inch Spriders, Slip, Elevators; Casing Patch. S.; Mills; Ditch Magnet A-Z International Mills; Bumpers Subs; Underreamer ADVANCE WIRECLOTH Mud Screen Cleaners/ Shakers AEROQUIP Adapters, Hydraulics; Hose, Fittings AIRFLEX / EATON Brake Elements; Clutches; RotoSeals; Quick Release Valves ALEMITE Equipment Lubrication; Hand Lever Grease Guns, Hose Fittings ALLISON GAS TURBINES Gas Turbines & Spares AMPON Thread Protectors ANGSBERG Turbines and Turbines Packages ANGUS FIRE ARMOUR Fire Fighting Equipment ARAI IRON WORKS Casing, Couplings, Tubings ATLAS BRADFORD Casing, Premium Connections, Tubing AZTEC Pump Joints, Tubings BAASH ROSS Safety Clamps; Drill Collar; Rotary Slips BADGER METER, INC. Metering Equipment BAKER Gate Valves & Parts BAKERLINE Floating Equipment; Mud Pumps Parts; Drill Pipe Float Valve; Mud Valves; Thread Locking Comp. BAKERLOK Compounds / Thread Locking BALDOR Electric Motors BARKSDALE CONTROLS Pressure & Temperature Switches BAROID Drilling Fluid, Test Kits & Equipment; Mud Testing Kits BAYLOR COMPANY Auxiliary Drawworkers Brakes BEST INDUSTRIES Chokes; Unions; Swivel Joints BESTOLIFE Thread Compounds; Grease, Multipurpose; Lubricants, Storage/ Sealing/ Tool Joints Compounds BETTIS RUBBER Pipe Protectors; Pipe Wipers BIG 3 Industrial Gases; Welding Equipment BILLY PUGH Personnel Nets; Safety Equipment; WorkVest BINKS Spraying Guns / Equipment BJ / Varco Balancing Straps; Derrick Stabilizers; DrillCollar/ DrillPipe Protectors; Slips, Inserts; Pipe Wipers; Rope; Tubing Spiders; Elevators; Tong Dies; Kelly Wipers; Wirelines Guides BLOHM & VOSS Elevator Links BOWEN Overshot Fishing Tools; Subs, Bumber BRANDT Mud Control Equipment BROOKS INSTRUMENT Flow Meters; Level Controls BURGESS & ASSOCIATES Degasser' s BUS MANUFACTURING Drill Collars; Stabilizers; Rotary Subs CAMERON IRON WORKS B.O.P. Spares & Unit; Wellhead Valves; Production Chokes CASBOO Autometer Valves CATAWISSA Non Pressure Seal Connectors; Butt Weld / Threaded Unions; Sour Gas Unions CATERPILLAR Engine & Spareparts CAVINS OIL WELL TOOLS Tubing Spiders CHANCE COLLAR CO. Drill Collars; Kelly' s CHERNY Stuffing Boxes CHICKSAN Cementing and Circulating Hoses & Heads; Mud Mixing Gun; Swivel Joints CHRISTENSE DRILLING PRODUCTS Diamond Drilling Bits; Core Barrels; Stabilizers CHROMALLY - WOOLLY TOOL & MFG Manual Tongs; Rotary Slips; Pipe Handling Equipment CLARK RELIANCE CORP Liquid Level Alarm, Controls & Gauges; Steam Traps; Pressure Regulating Valves COFLEXIP Choke Manifold Lines; Choke & Kill Lines COID Pressure , Temp. and Liquid Level Controls COLE PALMER Lab. Instrumentations COMEY, INC B.O.P. Control Systems; Accumulator Units CONTINENTAL EMSCO Triplex Pump; Drawwork, Swivels Joints COOPER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Truck Mounted Drilling Rigs; Spareparts COTE COMPANY Oilfield & Industrial Paints CRANE SUPPLY Valves CRC Aerosol Engine Cleaners; Degreasers; Lubricants CROMDANE Special Alloy & Stainless Steel CROSBY Oilfield Blocks; Shackles; Loadbinders; Fitting; Anchors; Hay Fork, Snatch Blocks, Wire Rope; Slings/ Swivel Link; Thimbles, Turnbuckles; Wire Clips CYMAX Coiled Tubing D.M. Best Company Casing Scrappers; Junk Basket Subs DANIEL INDUSTRIES Orifice Fittings & Plates; Liquid Level Gauges; Valves DAYCO CORP Oilfield Hose & V-belts DEMCO Ball Valves; Butterfly Valve; Cones, Desander / Desilter; Gate Valves & Parts; Mud Valves DOCKWELL Valves DODGE Couplings, Pumps DOVER NORRIS Sucker Rods; Pump Joints; Sleeve Couplings; Swage Nipples & Gauges & Plugs; Clamps, Pipe Repair; Tubing DRESCO Drilling Equipment DRESSER CLARK Air Compressors DRESSER GUIBERSON Completion Equipment DRESSER INDUSTRIES - PACIFIC PUMP DIV Centrifugal Pumps DRESSER MAGCOBAR Mud testing equipment DRESSER SWACO Fluids Processing Equipment; Pressure Control Equipment DRILCO Drill Collars; Down Hole Tools - Stabilizers DRILLTEC Casing, Thread Protectors DUNLOP Industrial / Oilfield Hoses DWYER INSTRUMENTS Pressure Gauge; Flowmeters DYNA DRILL Directional Drilling Tools DYNETOR Pipe Connectors ECKEL INTERNATIONAL Manual / Power Tongs; casing; Drill Pipe, Drill Collar; Tong Dies ELLIOT COMPANY-UNITED TECHNOLOGIES Refinery Equipment EVER-TITE Hose, Fittings EVOY - DIV of SMITH INTL Gate Valves; Thermometers F.M.C - CHICKSAN Swivel Joints F.M.C - WECO Hammer - Wing Unions; Butterfly valves; Positive Chokes FALK Couplings, Pumps FANSUL Fire Fighting Equipment FARR OIL TOOLS Hydraulic Power Tong FINETUBES Welded Tubes FISHER & PORTER Process Control Equipment FISHER SCIENTIFIC Lab Equipment; Reagent Chericals FLEX- LOK Drill Pipe Protectors FLEXITALLIC GASKET CORP Heat Exchanger Gasket FOLEY PRESSURE CONTROLS, INC Gate Valves; Blowout Preventors FOSTER - JOY Manual Tongs; Catheads; Kelly Spinners; Power Tongs; Drill Pipe FOXBORO Process Measurement; Control Valves FRANCE COMPRESSOR PRODUCTS Air compressors FRANK W. MURPHY Liquid Level and Temp. Controls; Instrument; G.H. TTE Brake Bands; Downhole Tools GALON CORPORATION Ball Valves; Needle Valves GARDNER DENVER Portable Drilling Rigs; Compressors; Pumps; Drilling Machinery GATES RUBBERS Oilfield Hose GEARENCH - PETOL Chain Tongs; Cathead; Spinning Chains; Swivels; Tongline; TongVises, Sucker Rod, Wrench GENERAL ELECTRIC Drilling Motors GEOGRAPH PIONEER - GEOSOURCE Swivel Joints; Solios Control Equipment; Hammer Unions GERONIMO Safety Equipment; Derrick Escape GOJO Hand Cleaners GOLD CREW Cleaners, Marine All Purpose; Marine Degreasers; Oil Spill Dispersants; Fire Fighting; Fire Preventing Agents; GOODALL RUBBER CO Industrial / Oilfield Hose GOTCO INTERNATIONAL Fishing Equipment GRANT OIL TOOL COMPANY Downhole Tools GRAY TOOL COMPANY Wellhead Equipment; Rotary Swivals; Inside B.D.P. GREENWOOD VALVE Needle Valves GRINNEL Butterfly Valves GUIBERSON Tubing Swab Cups HALE OILFIELD PRODUCTS Butterfly Valves; Ball Valves HALLIBURTON Mud Control Equipment; Plug Valves HARBISON - FISHER Sub Surtece Pumps HARRISBURG Fluid End Parts for Mud Pumps; Agitators; Brakes; Blocks/ Linings; Centrifugal Pumps; Chokes, Nipple; Cones, Desander / Desilter; Mud Mixing Gun; Piston Rods for Mud Pumps; Shakers; Mud Pump Valves; Washpipes & Washpipe Packing HILMAN KELLY Power Tongs, Rotary HINDERSLITER TOOL COMPANY Casing Heads; Tubing Heads; Stuffing Boxes HUGHES OFFSHORE Reagon B.O.P; Fast Shutoff Coupling HUGHES ONNCOR Drill Collars HUGHES TOOL - B.J. DIVISION Hooks; Elevator Links; Elevator; Power Blips; Tubing Spiders; Power Tongs HUGHES TOOL COMPANY Rock Bits HUTCHINSON HAYES Mud Control Equipment HYDRIL Blowout Preventer; Pulsation Dampeners IDECO - DRESSER Drawworks; Mud Pumps; Rotary Tables; Swivels INGERSOLL RAND Drilling Rings & Spare INTERNATIONAL TOOL COMPANY Kelly Spinners ITT - SNYDER Instrumentation & Controls J.M. HUBER CORPORATION Kelly Drive Bushings; Blowout Preventors; Tubing Hose; Unions J.P. Ratigan Tubing Stuffing Boxes; Blowout Preventors JET LUBE Thread Compounds; Sealants & Lubrication JOY PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT Kelly Drive Bushings; Rotary Drill Collar Slips; Manual & Power Tongs; Elevator K-O-MATIC Power Tongs KELCO Tongs, Tubings & Parts KEMPER Wing & Hammer Unions KING OIL TOOLS Rotary Swivels; Elevators; Tongs; Links KINGS Safety Footwears KOEHLER Lab Instrumentations KOLOR KUT Gasoline / Oil Gauging & Fater Finding Pastes KYTOP BREWSTER All major Drilling components LAMONS, VALQUA Spiral Wound Gaskets, Metal Gasket, RTJ LEWIS Safety Belts, Derrick; Rope & Cable ( SNAKE) Connectors; Rig Covers; Flexible Tail Lines; Steel Tail Ropes; Safety Equipment; Spinning Line Swivels LIQUID-O-RING compounds / thread / sealing / pipe strage LUBRIPLATE Grease, Multipurpose; Lubricants ( Gear) LUFKIN Oil Gauging; Measuring Tapes MAGNETING OIL TOOL Fishing Magnets; Ditch Magnets MAGNIFLO Production Equipment MARSH Needle Valves MARTIN - DECKERS Drilling Instrumentation & Controls; Mud Control Instrument MAXAM TOOLS & SUPPLY Float Equipment; Wellhead Equipment; Casing & Tubing MC. MASTER CARR Oilfield & Industrial MCKISSICK Oilfield Block; Snatch Pulley MER INSTRUMENTS, INC Instruments & Controls MICROBES Water Treatment MSA, INC Safety Equipment N.L. BAROID Solids Control & Testing Equipment N.L. SHAFFER Blowout Preventors; Pressure Control Units NATIONAL AIR OIL BURNER CO. Gas & Oil Combustion Burners; Mud Pumps; Swivels; Rotary Tables NICO ( NORTH AMERICAN TURBIN CO) Turbines and Packages NORDSTROM Oil & Gas Valves OILWELL Mud Pumps; Drawnworks OKLAHOMA RIGS Brushes, Dope/ Scrub; Wire Rope / Cable Cutters; Sash Cord; Lubricants, WD-40; Mops OMSCO INDUSTRIES Drill Collars; Subs; Kelly' s OTECO Blowout Preventors; Pipe & Chain Connectors; Flow Cross; Manifold, Fittings; Gate Valves; Pressure Gauge; Mud Valves; WireLine Assemblies; Turnbuckles; Pressure Relief Valves; Impact Wrenches PALL PECO Filters PAULUHN Electrical & Lighting Equipment PETROLAB Lab Instrumentations PLDC Pipeline Repair Clamps RED ADAIR SERVICE & MARINE Co. Fire Fighting Equipment RED AMERICAN Pump Parts for Mud Pumps RED ROCK BIT COMPANY Rock Bits REX & LINKBELT Oilfield Roller Chain RIDGID TOOL CO Hand Tools; Adapters for Pipe & Studs; Adjustable Wrenches; Cutting & Threading Equipment; Vises Combinations RIG-A-LITE Oilfield Lighting Equipment; Fluorescent Tubes ROHRBACK CASASCO SYSTEMS Corrosion Coupons ROTARY DRILLING TOOLS ( RDT) Tobular Goods: Drill Collars; Drill Pipe, Casings, Rotary, Subs S.R.C Aerosol Spray SNAP-ON TOOLS Hand Tools SULLAIR OILFIELD SYSTEMS Compressors & Spareparts SWACO GEOLOGRAPH Solids Control Instrumentations T.D. WILLIAMSON Pipeline Cleaning Products T.I.W. ( Texas Iron Works) Kelly Valves T.R.W. MISSION Centrifugal Pumps; Mud Pump Parts THOMHILL CRAVER - JOY Unibolt Couplings; Adjustable Chokes TITAN ( Gearench) Chain Tongs; Catline Swivels TITE Coupling, Hose Ever TOTCO INTERNATIONAL Pump & Mud Monitoring System; Baffle Plates; Gauges, Torque & Weight Indicators; Drilling Recorder / Monitoring Instrumentation; Mud Control Instrumentations; UTEX INDUSTRIES Rod Packing; Liner Packing VALVE COMPANY A.P.I Wellhead Gate Valves; Geothermal Valves VARCO INTERNATIONAL Spining Wrenches; Casing Solders; Kelly Drive Bushing & Rollers; Safety Clamps; Kelly Wipers; Master Bushing; Rotary Drill Collar; Casing Slips; Elevators; Circular Slip Buttons VAREL TOOLS Rock Bits VERCO-DIV. OF SMITH INTL Downhole Tools VICTAULIC Pipe Couplings W.K.M Wellhead; Gate Valves WABCO Air / Pneumatics Control ( Pilot) Valves; Air Regulators; Replay Air Valves WEATHERSFORD Power Tongs WEB WILSON Casing; Manual / Power Tongs; Drill Pipe; Tong Dies; Tubings WECO / F.M.C Actuator Valve; Air-O-Unions; Hammer-Wing Unions; Blanking Unions; Plug Valves WILLIS-DIV. OF SMITH INTL Production Chokes WING INTERNATIONAL Fire Fighting Equipment Sell Metal Detector( Hand Held, Walk Through) , Garrett, Defender, Sun, Visa, Newin, Asatek, etc. Mirror under vechicle inspection, Handy Talky, anti bullet uniform, baju tahan peluru, baju senjata tajam, etc. Contact us : Company Name : PT. Karya Mitra Usaha Supply High Performance Product and Providing Quality Services Company Address : Jl. Ring Road Utara Ruko Taman Yasmin VI Sektor VI, No 134 Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia Telp 0251-7543316, Fax 0251-7543281 email : karyamitrausaha@, k000333999@