Flowmeter, Moisture Meter, Humidity Meter, Thermohygrometer, Sound Level Meter, Rain Gauge, Cop Gas Generator, Karyamitrausaha@ Yahoo.com, Admin@ Karya-mitra.com, Fax 0251-7539361, Mr. Jonny Sinaga

Flowmeter, Moisture Meter, Humidity Meter, Thermohygrometer, Sound Level Meter, Rain Gauge, Cop Gas Generator, Karyamitrausaha@ Yahoo.com, Admin@ Karya-mitra.com, Fax 0251-7539361, Mr. Jonny Sinaga

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Detail Flowmeter, Moisture Meter, Humidity Meter, Thermohygrometer, Sound Level Meter, Rain Gauge, Cop Gas Generator, Karyamitrausaha@ Yahoo.com, Admin@ Karya-mitra.com, Fax 0251-7539361, Mr. Jonny Sinaga

SAM ELECTRONICS, Echo Sounders, Communication & Navigation Systems
SAMYANG, Navigation & Communication Systems
SAMYUNG, GMDSS, EPIRB, Navigation Systems
SAMYUNG, Radar, Echo Sounder
SAMYUNG, Ship Radio, SSB, VHF, Plotter, GPS, Navtex, Autopilot, Satellite, Sonar, AIS Transponder
SANDVIK, Turning, Milling Carbide Insert
SAN-EI, Air Hoists
SANIGARD, Rubber Hose
SANIT, Concealed Cistem, Flushing & Refilling Valves, Urinal Sensor/ Manual, WC Sensor/ Manual, Etc
SANI-TECH, Rigid Piping Systems High-Purity Non-MetallicSystems. Fittings, 2-Way Manual Ball Valve, Etc
SANKO, Pin Hole & Holiday Detector
SANKO, Precision Measuring Instruments
SANKYO, Level Switches
SANYO, CCTVs & Peripherals
SAPPEL, Meters
SARACOM, Fire Alarm, Navigation & Communication Systems
SARASOTA, Digital Tank Gauging Systems
SARGENT WEICH, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
SASAKURA, Desalinators, Oil Content Monitors & ControlSystems
SATAMATIC, Ship Tracking Equipment, Telematic, Fishery UMS
SAUNDERS, Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valves ( Soft Seat) , Butterfly Valves ( Metal Seat)
SAURA, Autopilot/ Gyro/ Steering/ Engine Control, MagneticCompass
SAURASHTAR, Paper & Plastics Testing Equipment
SAVAL, Fire & Gas Detector Systems, Extinguishers, Fire-Fighting Equipment
SCAN ELECTRONIC, Sensors, Counters, Timers, Low-Cost
SCAN STEERING, Hydraulic Steering Rudder Indicator
SCANJET, Tank Cleaning Robot
SCHAFFNER, EMC Components-Filters, Chokes & FeedthroughComponents
SCHLUMBERGER, Gas & Water Flowmeters
SCHLUMBERGER, Liquid & Vapour LPG Flowmeter
SCHMIDT + HAENSCH, Refractometer, Polarimeter & Coloromat
SCHMIDT, Air Flow Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, VibrationControl
SCHOTT-FOSTEC, Fiber Optic & Led Ring & Back Lightings ForMachine Vision
SCHUBERT & SALZER, Control Systems & On/ Off Valves
SCHULTZ, Differential Pressure Gauge & Sampling Kit & Check Valves
SCHUMACHER, Ceramic Membrane Filters
SCHUTT, Automated Colony Counters, Anaerobic Jars & LifeScience Instrument
SCHWILLE, Panel Meters, Sensors, Etc
SCI, Valves
SCILAB, Shaker, Circulator Bath
S-CONNECTS, Biopharm Fittings
SCOTT INSTRUMENTS, Gas Detection Instrumentation
SCOTT SPECIALITY GASES, Calibration Gases For GC & Process Analysers
SCOTTS, Industrial Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Etc
SCOTTS, Thermometer, Pressure Gauges
SCULLY, Overfill Preventive Systems & Liquid LevelControl
SDK, Deck Chain Saws
SDMS, Bomb Suppression Blankets
SEAL-VIEW, Film & Film Dispensers
SEBA, Hydrological Equipment
SECOMAK, Gas Booster
SECOMAM, Analytical UV-Vis Instruments
SED, Manual & Actuated Valves In Plastic & RubberLined Versions
SEDERE, Evaporative Light Scattering ELS Detector
SEDES, Heating Bracket
SEEDCOUNT, Seedcount
SEEMATZ, Marine Searchlights
SEETRU, Liquid Level Gauges
SEETRU, Valves, Liquid Level Gauges, Sight Glass
SEKISUI, Pipes, Valves & Fitting
SEKONIC, Recorders & Printers
SELECT, Gauge Blocks
SELECTA, Laboratory & Scientific Equipment
SEMMCO, Escape Breathing Apparatus & Inspector BreathingApparatus
SENSORTECHNICS, Pressure Transmitter
SENSOTEC, Pressure, Torque Transducer, Load Cells, LVDTs, Accelerometers, Pressure & Etc
SENTEX, Portable Gas Chamber
SENYO, Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutter
SEQUANT, HIC Chromatographic Columns
SEQUOIA TURNER, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
SERDI, Valve Seat & Valve Guide Machines
SERES, Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment, Analysis OfChemical Compound In Water & Air Pollution Monitor
SERRMAC, Drilling Machine
SERVOMEX, Gas Analysers
SERVOTEKNIKK, Fire Detectors & Protection Systems
SES-ENSER, Integrated Fire & Gas ESD System
SETRA SYSTEMS, Pressure Transducer
SETRA SYSTEMS, Pressure Transducer
SGE, Chromotography, Filtration
SGE, Chromotography, Filtration
SHAMROCK CONTROLS, IEC Pushbutton, Selector Switches, Contactors, Overload Relays, Motor Started Accessories
SHAW, Moisture Meters
SHEEN, Paint & Coating Equipment
SHELL, Water Detector
SHIM HO SYSTEM, Signal Converter & Bargraphic Indicator
SHINYUAN, Flowmeter
SHURJOINT, Grooved Joints Couplings
SICK, Industrial Products
SICK, Optical Sensors, Bar Code Readers
SIEBERT, Small & Large Display Systems
SIEGER, Fixed Gas Detection Systems
SIEGER, Gas Detection Systems
SIEMENS CONTROLOTRON, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters For Liquid/ Gas, Interface Detector, Pipeline Leak Detection System
SIEMENS DANFOSS, Electromagnetic/ Ultrasonic/ Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
SIEMENS MILLTRONICS, Level Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, FlowTransmitter
SIEMENS MOORE, Process Instruments
SIEMENS PROCESS INSTRUMENTS, Flow/ Level/ Temperature/ Pressure/ DP Instrumentation
SIEMENS, Full Range Of Process Instrumentation
SIEMENS, Full Range Of Process Instrumentation
SIEMENS-DANFOSS, Electromagnetic/ Coriolis Mass/ UltrasonicFlowmeters
SIEMENS-MILLTRONICS, Capacitance/ Ultrasonic/ Radar Level Instruments
SIEMENS-MOORE, Controllers, Recorders, Transmitters, Electronic& Pneumatic Signal Conditioning Instruments, DCS
SIERRA, Mass Flowmeter/ Controller
SIGMA ALDRICH, Chemicals & Biochemicals
SIGMA VALVES, 2 & 3-Way Manual Or Automatic Reset Relay Valves, Hydraulic Or Pneumatic Relief Valves, Etc
SIGMA, Biochemicals
SIGMA-NETIC, Pressure Switches
SIGNET, Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Level, PH ResistivityTDS ppm
SIGNET, Salinity, Transmitters, Indicators, Monitors, Controllers
SIKA, Flow & Level Switches
SIMAC CSI, Alarm Annunciators
SIMAC, Alarm Annunciators
SIMCO, Liquid Level Sight Glasses & Valves
SIMEX, Surface & Coating
SIMONA, PP, PE Pipes, Fittings & Valves
SIMRAD OPTRONICS, Infra Red Gas Detectors
SINGLETON, Cyclic Corrosion Textile
SIOUX CHIEF, Water Hammer Arrestors
SIRAGA, LPG Bottling Plants
SIRCO, Pressure Gauges/ Temperature Switches/ Samplers
SJE RHOMBUS, Pumps & Control Switches
SK, Taper Gauges, Pin Gauges & Precision Tools
SKC, Air Sampling Pumps & Industrial Hygiene Products
SKON, PP Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
SKUM, Foam Extinguishing & Fire-Fighting Systems
SKYWARE, Ship Tracking & Security Equipment
S' LOW, Jisk 6741/ 6473 TS/ DV Pipes & Fittings, SolventCement
SMAR, Fieldbus & Instrumentation
SMARTFLOW, Accessories For Injection Molding Applications
SMC SIERRA, Combustible/ Toxic Gases/ Flame Detectors
SMIE, Tower Crane Anti-Collision System
SMITH, Meters & Provers & Mass Meters
SMU, Pipes
SNAP-TITE, Fire Hose & Quick Disconnect Couplings
SNAP-TITE, Round Body Poppet & Diaphragm 2 & 3-Way Valves
SOCLA, Pilot Control, Check & Foot Valves
SOLARTRON MOBREY, Level/ Pressure/ Temperature/ Hydrostatic/ Ultrasonic/ Radar Level Transmitters,
SOLARTRON MOBREY, Process Viscosity Transmitters & Analysers, FlowComputers
SOLARTRON MOBREY, Sludge Blanket Level Control
SOLARTRON MOBREY, Sludge Density Measurement & Control Systems
SOLARTRON MOBREY, Suspended Solids & Sludge Density Monitors & Controls, Densitometers,
SOLARTRON MOMBREY, Flow/ Float/ Level Switches & Sensors, Ultrasonics/ Averaging Pilot Flowmeters
SOLARTRON, Density Transducer For Gas & Liquid, On-LineViscosity Analyzers, Signal Converters, Etc
SOLO, Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kits
SONICS, Ultrasonic Liquid Processors
SONY, Deskstop Robots & Video Microscope
SOR, Pressure, Level, Temperature & Flow Switches
SOTERA/ TUTHILL, Chemical Transfer System, Flow Totalizers, PowerPlant Pump & Hose Fittings
SPEARS, Plastic Pipes, Valves & Fittings
SPEARS, PVC, CPVC Fittings & Valves
SPECS VISION, Oil Mist Detection System
SPECS VISION, Oil Mist Detection System
SPECTOR LUMENEX, Public Address & Communication Equipment
SPECTREX, Liquid Particle Counters
SPECTRUM LABORATORIES, Dialysis, Ultrafiltration, Process Separation & Cell Expansion Products
SPECTRUM, Soil Compaction Meter
SPERRYN, Gas Regulators
SPEX CERTIPREP, Organic & Inorganic Standards
SPIRAX SARCO, Steam Traps, Pressure Reducing Valves, TemperatureControl Valves & Systems, Etc
SPIR-STAR, High Pressure Hose
SPM, Vibration Meter
SPRIANO, Pressure & Temperature Transmitters
SPRIANO, Pressure, Level, Flow Instruments
SRI, Fire Extinguishers, Sprinkler Systems
SSS, Diamond Wheels
STANDARD, Portable Radios/ Walkie-Talkies
STANFORD MU, Spacecraft Pressure Regulators
STANTON, Pipes & Pipe Fittings
STARRETT, Precision Tools, Measuring Instruments, CleanerFor Granite Surface Plates, Granite Surface Plate
STIKO, Industrial Gauges/ Thermometer
STN-ATLAS, Echo Sounders, Communication & Navigation Systems
STOCKER YALE, Fluorescent Circulars, Panel, Linears LightingsFor Machine Vision
STORK-KWANT, Steering, Rudder, Control Station
STRAHMAN MG, Rising Disc Valves, In-Line Disc & Piston Valves, Diverter Valves, Wedge & Slab Gate Valves
STRAHMAN, Process Valves, Hose Stations & Mixing Units, Sampling, Drain & Plug Valves, Water Spray Nozzles
STRAINSTALL, Ship Structural Monitors
STRANDS, Radial Drill
STRAUB KOPPLONGEN AG, Pipe Couplings & Springs
STREM, Metals, Inorganics & Organometallics
SUEZ CANAL, Marine Searchlights
SULZER METCO, Metal Spraying Machines
SUMO-KANZO, Portable Dehumidifier
SUN SRI, Vivals Syringe Filters
SUNTEX, Conductivity Meter
SUPELCO, GC/ HPLC Columns, Air Monitoring Products, Environmental & Petroleum Standards
SUPER GUN, Multifunctional Air Gun For Transportation, Collection & Removal
SURUGA SEIKI, Manual & Motorized Stages & Positioners
SUSTECH, Needle Valves
SUTHERLAND, Ink Rub Tester
SUZUKI, Marine Echo Sounder, Sonar Equipment
SWAN, Process Analytical Instruments For Water Analysis, PPB 02, Sodium; Water Quality
SWISSFLUID, Lined Valves ( Butterfly, Plug, Diaphragm & CheckValves, Sight Flow Indicators, Sampling System)
SWOFFER, Current Velocity Meter
SYMONS, Passenger & Material Hoists
SYNTHO, Pipe Repair Kits
SYSTEM OKAZAKI, Thermocouples, Control Instrument, RTD & Thermowells
SYSTEM SENSOR, Smoke & Heat Detectors
TA, Air Sampler
TABER INDUSTRIES, Abrasion Testers
TAI MILANO, Pressure Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valves
TAIKO KIKAI, Cargo Pumps, Sewage Treatment Plants, Oily WaterSeparators, Etc
TAI-WA, Electrical Connectors
TAIYU, Drum Handling Equipment
TAKARA, Air/ Welding Hose
TAKEMOTO, JIS Switchboard & Panel Meters
TAKENAKA, Laser Beams
TANGTECH, Damper Actuators
TAV, Liquid Level Controls
TAV, Liquid Level Controls
TAYLOR, Pressure Relief Valve
TCAM, ThinClient, GPRS/ GSM Modem
TDI, Engine Air Starters
TDK CHEMTROL, Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves, Dual Plate CheckValves
TDKRF SOLUTIONS INC, Absorber, Ferrite Tile, Shielded Door, Antennas, Shielded Room, Anechoic Chamber, EMI/ EMS Systems
TECFLUID, Flowmeters
TECHNOLAB, Filtration Systems & Equipment
TECHPLAS, 4.5 Litres Cistern
TECNOLOGIC, Electronic Refrigeration/ Temperature IndicatingController, Temperature/ Humidity Transmitter, Etc
TECO, Tyre Changer
TEDEA HUNTLEIGH, Load Cell Sensors & Control System
TEEL, Pump & Accessories Flow Switches Seal & GasketKits
TEK KNOW, Temperature & Pressure Calibrator
TEKMAR DOHRMANN, Ultra Low Total Organic Carbon Detection For Bio/ Pharmaceutical Application
TELEDYNE SPRAGUE, Air Operated Pumps & Power Unit Gas Boosters, Specialty Valves Accessories
TELEDYNE, Analytical Instruments
TELEDYNE, Tungsten Products, Tungsten Electrodes
TELSTAR, Biological Safety Cabinet
TELULAR, Cellular Phones & Terminals
TEMPERATURE CONTROL, RTD, Thermocouple & Transmitters
TERRA UNIVERSAL, Clean Room Products
TERRA UNIVERSAL, Cleanroom Storage Systems, Glove Boxes & Hoods
TESA, Precision Measuring Instruments, Lock, Tapes
TESIENT, Universal Relay Test Equipment 3 Phase PowerSource
TEXAS MICROSYSTEMS, Industrial Computers
TEXCEL, Chemical/ Slurry Delivery System
TFA, Barometers, Thermometers, Hydrometers & Weather Measuring Instruments
TGK, Laboratory & Scientific Instruments
THERMO ELECTRON CORP, Ambient Air/ Stack NOx-O3-SO2-CO-VOC Monitors
THERMO MEASUREMENT, Turbine Flowmeter & BS W Meters
THERMO POLYSONICS, Ultrasonic Flowmeters
THERMO-DIAL, Thermocouples & Sensors
THERMOLYNE, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
THORN, Fire Alarm & Detection Systems & Peripherals
THORNTON, Fluid Measurement & Control, Conductivity & Resistivity Measurement, pH & ORP Measurement
THORNTON, Resistivity & Conductivity Instruments
THREADMASTER, Screw Thread & Plug Gauge
TIF, Gas Leak Detector
TIME, Electronic Test Equipment
TINGEY, Tobacco Recovery Machinery
TINIUS OLSEN, Testing Equipment
TINKER & RASOR, Coating Inspection Equipment
TIONA, Manhole
TITAN, Additive & Dye Injection
TITEFLEX, Flexible Connectors
TITEX PLUS, Precision Cutting Tools, Drills, Taps, Endmills, Reamers
TLV, Steam Traps
TLV, Steam Traps, Pressure Reducing Valves, TemperatureControl Valves, Steam-Related Products Systems
TMI, Testing Equipments For Pulp, Paper, Plastic, Rubber & Printing
TOFCO, Flow Measurement & Control For Water, Gas, Ultra-High Purity Water, Chemical
TOGAWA, Industrial PVC Hoses
TOKAIDO, Pressure & Temperature Gauges
TOKAIDO, Thermometer
TOKICO, Flowmeters
TOKICO, Meters
TOK IMEC, Viscometers
TOKYO KEISO, Flowmeter
TOL-O-MATIC, Grippers & Rotary Actuators, Axidyne ElectricLinear Motion Actuators & Controls
TOPLINE, Bio-Pharma Fittings, BPE Pharmaceutical Tubes & Fittings, Beverage & Food
TOPLINE, Heat Exchangers, WFI Vessels, Bio-Reactors
TORPEDO, LPG Vapourisers
TOSHIBA, Flowmeters
TOSHIBA, Process Instruments
TOSHO, Pin Gages
TOWNSON, Expansion Joint
TOYO, Gas Meters
TOYO, Pumps
TOZEN, Expansion Joints
TRAFAG, Temperature & Pressure Switches & Transmitters
TRANBERG, Marine Electric Equipment
TRANS CONTINENTAL, International Leaf Tobacco Merchants
TRANSINSTRUMENTS, Pressure Transducers, Transmitters & Calibrators
TRELLEBORG, Industrial Hose
TREND/ WIKA, Bimetal Thermometer, Etc
TRENDVIEW, Paperless Recorder
TRICO, Lubricating Equipment
TRILUX, Lights, Light Fittings & Fixtures
TRIMEC, Turbine/ Positive Displacement Flowmeter, Controller
TRITOOLS, TCT Profile Cutters & Blocks
TRI-TRONICS, Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Optic Light Guides& Controls
TRI-TRONICS, Smart Eye Sensor
TROPIC POWER, Generating Sets
TSI, Dust/ CO2 Monitor/ Mask Fit Tester/ Air Flow/ Pressure/ Temperature Meter
TSI, Particle Sizing System
TSK, Linear Actuator, LMB Guides, Linear Shafts & BallBearings, Rolled Ballscrew, Precision Ballscrew
TSK, Rapid Drying & Heating Equipment
TT, INMC, Tracking, Fleet Satellite Equipment
TUNG LUNG, Valves ( Ball, Gate, Globe, Pressure Reducing) & Y-Strainer
TURBO, Flowmeters
TURBO, Flowmeters
TURBO, Flowmeters & Rotameters
TURN-ACT, Pneumatics Cylinder, Rotary Actuators & Multi-Motion Devices
TURNER DESIGNS, Oil Discharge Monitor For Ballast Water & ProducedWater
TUTTLE & BAILEY, Air Diffusers, Grilles
TYBAR, Joints
TYCO, Fire Alarm & Detection Systems & Peripherals
TYGON, Tubings Tubes & Fittings, Beverage & Food
TYGOPRENE, Pump Tubings
TYGOPURE, Sanitary Fittings
TYGOTHANE, Polyurethane Tubes
UCC, Filters
UCV, Ultra High Purity Diaphragm Valves/ Integrated GasSystem/ Valves
UEDA, Pressure Switches
UEI, Measuring Instruments
UESHIMA, Rubber Testing Machines
ULTRA DYNAMICS, Ultra Violet Purifiers
ULTRAFLOTE, Aluminium Geodesic Domes & Internal Floating Roof
UNIFIRE, Nozzles
UNIVERSAL, Service Station Valve/ Fittings Vapour RecoverySystem
UNIVERSEAL, O-Ring & Q-Ring, Viton, Buna-N, Neoprene, Silicone, Aflas, HSN O-Rings, Etc
US GAUGE, Gauges & Transducer
UTECH, Scientific/ Medical Equipment
VAAS, Knife Gate Valves
VACCO INDUSTRIES, Spacecraft Fluid Control Valves
VACCON, Venturi Vacuum Generators, Material Transfer, Amplifiers & Cups
VACUDYNE, Tobacco Conditioning Chambers
VAF, Flowmeters
VAF, Oilcon Ballast Monitors, Contaminant Monitors, Viscotherm Controls, Flowmeters & Torquemeters
VAF, Viscosity, Oil Concentration Monitors, Flowmeters, Torque Measuring System & Level Transmitters
VAISALA, High Precision Humidity & Temperature Instruments
VALCO, GC/ HPLC Valves & Actuators
VALEX, Ultra High Purity Tubes & Ultra High PurityFittings, EP Tubes
VALOR, Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings
VALOR, Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings
VALPES, Electric Actuators
VALREGAL, Valves/ Actuators
VALTACO, 3 Piece Body, 3 Way, AF & Heat-Jacketed BallValves
VAL-TECHNIK, Industrial Valves
VAN AIR, Compressed Air Treatment Systems
VARIAN VACUUM PRODUCTS, Helium Leak Detector, Mechanical Pump, Ion Pump, Diffusion Pump, Turbo Pump, Vacuum Instrumentation
VARIAN, Chromatographic Consumables
VARIOMAG, Multiple Magnetic Stirring Systems
VEEDER ROOT, Register Counter & Pre-Set Counter
VEEDER-ROOT, Electronics Totalizing Counters, ProgrammableMulticontrollers, Process Indicators & Etc
VEGA, Indicators, Transmitters & Switches
VELAN, Valves
VELCOIN, Hooks & Loops, Fasteners & Tapes
VELCON, Aviation & Industrial Filters
VELCRO, Hooks & Loops, Fasteners & Tapes
VELOSI, Inspection Services
VELP, Cod/ Bod Analyser
VENDFLOW, Taste Barrier Tubings
VENN, Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves& Motorised Valves
VERIFLO, Pressure Regulators & Instruments Valves
VERSILIC, Stoppers
VESDA, Air Sampling Smoke Detectors
VIBCO, Industrial Vibrators
VI-CAS, Complete Line Of Vacuum Cups - Vinyl, Silicone, Rubber & Others
VICI METRONICS, Dynacalibrators & Permeation Gas Devices
VICI, Accessories For HPLC & GC
VICI, GC & HPLC Valves
VICTAULIC SYSTEMS, Shouldered Mechanical Pipe Joints & Fittings
VICTOR HIGH PURITY, Pressure Regulators
VIDEOJET, Ink-Jet & Laser Coding Systems
VIDEOTEC, CCTVs & Peripherals
VIKING JOHNSON, Couplings, Fittings & Repair Products For TheWater Industry
VIMEC, Instruments Manifold
VIMEC, Needle, Manifold, Double Block & Bleed Valves
VIMEC, Valves Instruments, Manifolds, Globe Valves, Condensing Seal Pots, Air Feed Headers & Etc
VINGTOR, Telephones, Intercoms, PA & Communication Systems
VIP-HEINKE, Rubber Seals For Pipes & Couplings
VIR, Ball Valves
VISOLUX, Photosensors, Colour Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Safety Light Curtrain
VISOLUX, Sensors & Controls, Etc
VITAL, Chain Blocks & Lever Hoist
VNE, BPE Pharmaceutical Tubes & Fittings, Beverage & Dairy Tubes & Fittings, Food, 3A Tubes & Fittings
VNE, Heat Exchangers, Bio-Reactors, WFI Vessels
VONROLL ISOLA, Complete Insulation Systems & Materials ForElectrical, Electronic & Industrial Applications
VULCATHENE, Polypropylene Pipe & Fittings
VWR SCIENTIFIC, Laboratory Equipment
VWR, Laboratory & Scientific Instruments
VYC, Safety Relief Valve, Float Valve
VYC, Safety Relief/ Float Valve, Level Sight Glass, Float Valve
VYC, Safety Valve, Valve
VYKON, Power Facilities Management System
W & G, Radiation/ Electromagnetic Field Analyzer ForMilitary, Broadcasting, Railroads, Etc
W E ANDERSON, Switches, Indicators & Valves
WAAREE, Pressure & Temperature Gauges
WAGA, Stainless Steel Clamps
WAKATSUKI, Quick Release Couplings
WALDNER, Laboratory Furniture
WALKER MAGNET, Heavy Duty Lift Magnet, Conveyor Magnet
WALKER SCIENTIFIC, Flux Meters, Reference Magnets, Gaussmeters
WALKER, Commercial Electro-Magnetic Speed Log, WeatherStation, Wind Speed/ Direction, Autopilot Compass
WALKER, ECDIS, Echo Sounder
WALTRON, Water Quality Monitoring System
WALVOIL, Hydraulic Monoblock/ Sectional Valves
WALWORTH, Ball, Gate, Globe, Check
WARNER LEWIS, Aviation Strainers/ Ball Valves & Accessories
WARNER, Electrophysrology & Cell Biology
WARRENDER, Sealess Magnetic Drive Pump
WARRICK CONTROLS, Liquid Level Control System & Solid State Relays
WARRICK CONTROLS, Solid State Relay & Conductive Sensor
WASINO, Sight Glasses & Strainers
WASK, Couplings, Transition Fittings & Equipment For TheGas Industry
WATER VENTURE, Resort Equipment
WATTS, Inline & Modular Pneumatics Filter Regulators & Lubricators
WATTS, Pilot Float Valves
WAVIN-LABKO, Capacitive Level Transmitter, Level Switches, OilWater Separator Alarm System, Etc
WCEP/ PSE, Averaging Pitot Flow
WEFA, Wefatherm PPR Pipes, Fittings & Valves, WefathermPPR With " Fiber" Pipes For Hot & Cold Water
WEIGH WELL-UK, Patented-Portable Train Weigher
WEISS, Industrial/ Bimetal Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Digital Thermometers, Refrigerating Gauges, Etc
WEKA, Continuous Liquid Level Indicators & Suresites
WEKA, Magnetic Level Indicators
WEKSLER, Gauges, Thermometers, Etc
WELDCRAFT, Tig Torches & Accessories, Tungsten Electrodes
WELD-ON, Solvent Cement
WELD-ON, Solvent Cements For Plastic Piping
WELLER PATENT, Hand Proofer, Hoover Muller
WERMA, Optical & Audible Signal Devices, Signal Towers, Beacons Buzzers, Horns
WERTHER, Garage Equipment
WESMAR, Sonar Equipment For Commercial Fishery/ Military
WEST, Digital Timers, Counters, Tachometers, TemperatureControllers & Indicators, Rotary Encoders, Etc
WHESSOE, Marine Tank Gauging & Liquid Cargo Management
WHESSOE-VAREC, Tank Fittings & Biogas Systems
WHITE, High Torque Low Speed Hydraulic Motors
WHITTAKER, Ground Fuelling Products
WIESE LOADING SYSTEM ( WLS) , Loading/ Unloading Systems For Fluids & Gases
WIGAM, Automotive Refrigerant Recovery & Charging Machine
WIGAM/ CPS, Refrigerant Handling Equipment & Parts
WIKA, Ultra High Purity Pressure Gauges
WILKENS-ANDERSON, Food Testing Equipment
WILKERSON, Air Filters
WILKERSON, Pneumatic FRL' s, Inline & Modular & CompressorRoom Products
WILLIAMSON, Industrial Products
WILLIAMSON, Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
WINKLER, Spare Parts For Cigarette & Packaging Equipment
WINSTON, Rebuilt Cutting Machines
WINTEC, Wire Rope Winch
WINTERS, Pressure & Temperature Gauges
WINWORX, Graphic Operator Stations
WOODWARD, Generator System Control, Monitoring & Protection
WORCESTER, Ball Valves, V-Flow Control Valves
WORLD COUPLING, Stainless Steel Coupling
WORLD WATER SYSTEM, Reverse Osmosis Freshwater Makers
WORMALD, Fire Protection & Safety Systems
WORTELBOER, Pipe Beveling Machines
WRIGHT-AUSTIN, Gas Separator
WTA, Bellows Sealed Globe Valves, Strainers, Manifold& Check Valves
XCON-GERMANY, MCBs, ELCBS, Pressure Switch & Float Switch
XERXES, Fibreglass Underground Storage Tanks
XOMOX, Plug Valves, Check Valve
X-RITE, Colorimeters/ Spectrophotometers
X-RITE, Colour Measuring Instruments, Computer ColourMatching, Densitometers For Printing, Medical, Etc
YALE, Hoists
YAMARI, Industrial Products
YAMARI, Thermometry
YAMATAKE, Photosensors, Proximity & Fiber Optic Sensors, Basic & Limit Switches, Temperature Controller
YANMAR, Industrial & Marine Engines, Generators & MarineCompressors
YASKAWA, Frequency Inverter
YASUDA SEIKI, Paint/ Paper/ Plastics/ Textile Testing Equipment
YASUFUKU, Moisture Meters
YN, Stainless Steel Pipe Coupling
YOKOGAWA, Control & Monitoring Systems
YOKOGAWA, Electrical Meters
YOKOGAWA, Meters, Transmitters, Test Instruments
YOKOGAWA, Test & Measuring Instruments, Recorder
YOKOTA, Pumps, Non-Water Hammer Check Valve, Uniflow Valve
YOUNG LIN, Water Purification
YOUNG, Marine Navigation Equipment
YOUNG, Meterological Equipment, Windspeed/ Direction, Temperature, Humidity Sensor
YOUNG, Surge Suppressors
YOUNG, Wind Monitor
YSI METERS, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
YSI, Conductivity/ Oxygen Meter & Measuring Instruments
ZEAL, Sling, Psychrometer, Hydrometers, Wet & Dry Bulb
ZEECO, Burners, Flares, Incinerators & Combustion Systems
ZEHNTER, Surface & Adhesive Testing Equipment
ZELLWEGER ANALYTICS, Toxic/ Flammable Gas & Fire Detection Systems
ZEMATRA, Oil & Water Petroleum Test Kit
ZENITEL, Telephones, Intercoms, PA & Communication Systems
ZENITH, Cross Fire Multi-Frequency Cleaning SystemDegreaser
ZENITH, Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Table Top UltrasonicCleaner
ZERA-GERMANY, Test Systems For Instrument Transformers, MeterTest Equipment For Energy Meter, Comparator, Etc
ZITEX, Filters
ZUBI, Knife Gate Valves
ZURN INDUSTRIES, Floor & Roof Drains, Oily Water & SolidInterceptor
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PT. Karya Mitra Usaha
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alat laboratorium, alat testing, alat lab hp 0813 875 87112, hp 0815 9935009, www.alatlabs.com, e-mail : karyamitrausaha@ yahoo.com

Alat Laboratorium, Alat Testing, Alat Lab HP 0813 875 87112, HP 0815 9935009, www.alatlabs.com, e-mail : karyamitrausaha@ yahoo.com

Ruko Taman Yasmin Sektor 6, Jl. Ring Road Utara No. 134 - Bogor - Indonesia 16113, Bogor
Indonesia 16113